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Sunday, September 14, 2008

water, water everywhere

it's been raining off and on pretty much all weekend. as i look out the window i see it coming down pretty steady. it's been relentless since saturday morning.

it's been good and it's been bad. good because we can always use the rain and it's nice to enter into fall as temps get cooler to have moist soil. i'ts been bad because the film festival was this weekend.

the films went on as usual, since they're all indoors. but the outdoors events at centennial park were canceled. so many people asked about it. many asked why there wasn't a plan b to have outdoors events indoors in case of rain. i couldn't answer that. i, too, wonder why. there are certainly plenty of places near downtown to host events, includng hope college and the armory. this coming year, they can reserve the big auditorium at the midtown center building as a backup.

however, people did attend films. there were good crowds, especially as the afternoon wore on. i had to interduce three films. the first was "motherland." there were only a handful of people there. by the second film, "braceros stories," there were quite a big more people. and by the third," fuego de angel," the crowds were coming in.

i think the movies would have been more attended if it hadn't rained. when i dropped into the knickerbocker in the morning it was coming down hard.

it was enjoyable. i got to meet some nice people, like a couple from grand rapids, maria and kevin. they're looking to volunteer for the festival next year. i also met up with regulars like the wellers, marvin and others i seen on a regular bais in town.

we'll see how next year goes.
i hope there's a plan b.