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Saturday, August 05, 2006

what"s the weather like today? ask the media< it knows all

i tire of the media and how it manipulates what's hot and what's not and what makes a good topic for stirring up the pot.

months ago we couldn't get enougn of immigration and getting our borders (especially the mexican border) lined with security to not let in potential "terrorists." the issue came out of nowhere, it seems after a few bills were sent for review. our peckerwood president gets his nose involved and the country is in a fervor over this. there were rallies everywhere, millions of people supporting or in oposition of these mmigration bills and booting out these people.

then a wind storm called north korea blew in.

the media shifted to n. korea after it attempted and successfully launched some missiles. the government scrambled, sent people to south korea to get and talk to the freak running north korea. countries all over southeast aisia called for sanctions. china and russia wanted to wait, no sanctions, let's talk about this. the media pulled out all the stops, saying the north koreans possessed misiles that could potentially reach the west coast. the country was in a lather. people were scared.

then a tropical storm known as hezbollah/israel struck.

the past three weks the conflict between israel and hezbollah dominates front pages. civilians die at the hands off rebel or israeli fire. israeli bombs block off roads and will its army tries to stomp out hezbollah. peckerwood says he isn't going to get involved, hezbollah shouldn't have provoked israel. never mind other nations are trigger happy and chewing at the bit to get involved to esacalate this latest storm into a full-blown hurricane. never mind also that we started our own war in iraq without provocation from its' nutjob of a dictator.

it's crazy who the media deems something of upmost importance, sends it through the ringer, then forgets about it or toses it aside like a useless carcass after the meat has been picked off and only bones remain.

i liken the media to a vulture, circling and waiting, flying lower and lower until the prey is dead from whatever ill caused it to falter. then it swoops in and picks away until its belly is full and it is satisfied. others join it and the carcass is picked clean. they all fly away and the bones are let alone, forgotten.

so is immigration not important anymore? is not, let's get rid of these bills and let things run as they did before with immigrants doing their part in the american economy. is north korea not a threat? if not, let's not waste newspaper pages and ink on them and not scare the shit out of people.

after tropical storm hezbollah blows over (hopefully), what hurricane, monsoon or later this year snowstorm bring up? the weather"s always changing and bringing someting new for us to feel and fear>