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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"i'm an angry young man..."

i don't know if angry is it. perhaps it's too harsh a word. but i feel like i'm angry. though, there is no reason why i should be.

i watched "house," which usually makes me laugh. tonight, though, i wasn't laughing. jouse pissed me off. the hugh laurie character was a pompous ass in the episode, which is what is usually is like in most episodes.

when it finished, i switched over to catch a little "king of the hill." i love the show. reminds me a lot of texas. but as soon as hank's dad started up, i frowned and knew it wasn't working out.

i don't know if my bad mood started when i quickly ran through my head the conversation i had earlier with our former landlord. he called up about getting together to discuss being a bit late with the whatchamacallit thing when you move out and put the down payment thingie when you move in.

he said he was looking at two areas (carpet) where it looked like he might have to replace it because it looked like thcat tried to claw at the areas. i cringed.

i understand it's his house. and yes i'd say there is some wear from kit's actions. not much, though. however, to his defense, the carpet is older than shit. the strands no longer stand up, it's so old. i rarely stepped on it barefoot. and he wants to keep it a few more years. i wish he'd let it go instead of trying to repair it, which will mean money taken out of the what he's giving us back. it really pisses me off.

we'd stayed at three other places (granted they were apartments) and we always got a full refund back. and i know for a fact that in one of them, kit did do some damage to the carpet. no problem, though. here, however, with the carpet in decrepit conditins, he wants to repair it go keep it going a few more years. in the meantime, we get shafted the money. how fucking unfair is that.

so right after that conversation, i rushed to the shower to ready myself for the 2 p.m. meeting at work. it was moved from wed. to tues. because of the busy day. i get there and reporters are still milling around. turns out our supers and one of the reporters were interviewing our congressman. i stuck around for 45 min. and fiddled around with a few calls, but left my notebook at home, not thinking i'd need it. finally i left. turns out the interview ended at 3. i wish they'd have told me so i wouldn't have gone in or simply canceled our meeting, knowing that interviewing a congressman isn't going to take 30 min. so i wasted a precious hour of time i couldn't afford to waste since i had several stories and an interview to make tues. night.

either way, i think that's all the shit that happened to me today. i don't know what sparked the bad mood, but i'm glad it sort of culminated tonight when dawn's asleep and not witnessing it grow or manifest into a terrible little beast.

on the flip side, i should be happy. today (wed.) is a short day at work. thanksgiving is up next. friday is friday. plus, some folks came over and scraped up our front yard. i guess they're getting ready for the landscaping.

and i could be happy because i have a warm house to sleep in and i'm not going to bed hungry or lonely. and i have a wife who loves me and whom i love. and i have to shitty kitties (as i fondly call them) who i dig. and i've got friends who think 'm a dufus. and i've got family (living in a galaxy, far, far away) who keep in regular touch with me. and i'm alive. so i should be happy and i think all of these things over rule all the bad shit that has put me in a bad mood.

so bad mood...fuck off.

oh, oh, i got a fever. and the only cure is some cowbell.