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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

is haywire coming to holland, mich.?

wait. before those of you who don't watch "prison break" or know what it's about start losing interest in this blog, read a little more and you'll understand why i titled this what i did.

i was watching the show last night, really late, but into the whole thing. and just to set it up, six of the escaped convicts are in utah, having escaped from a prison near chicago. a seventh is up in wisconsin. he's haywire and he's crazy. he was in the mental ward at the prison and just happened upon the plot to escape from the prison.

anyway, this is about haywire, who seems rather unimportant in the scheme of things in the show. last week he entered this woman's house. she was blind, i believe. he didn't harm her. but he noticed a painting of a windmill on the wall and haywire was transfixed by it. this week, after taking some things from a store, he ends up at lake michigan.

ow, i don't know if it really was or not lake michigan, since the show films in dallas and the surrounding area. however, for the sake of reality, it was the western shore of the lake in wisconsin.

so this guy is talking to a dog who's with him. and he tells the dog he wants to go to holland and see the windmills. he points across the lake and says holland is over there across the ocean. he tells the dog he'll build a raft and make it to holland.

i know it's tv, but even so, i don't think he can make it across the atlantic to the netherlands. however, he can build a raft and maybe make it across the alke to holland, mich. what do you think? it's possible. he's in wisconsin

what made me think of it last night was the windmill. we -- the city -- has an authentic one shipped from the netherlands citting on windmill island, no less.

now wouldn't it be interesting if haywire builds his little raft and hops aboard, drifts east, and finds himself entering holland harbor? how aobut seeing him (on tv) floating into lake macatawa, under the onstruction of the river avenue bridge, and -- espite the sort of shallow waters of the macatawa river -- end up at windmill island?

i dunno if it'llhappen on the show, but it seems far more likely he'll end up in holland and see this windmill (for whatever reason) he's transfixed by than to float onthe raft through the great lakes and out into the atlantic, float across it and make it to the country of holland.

i'm half tempted to ask someone in the city if a movie company has come to them and sked for permission to film on windmill island. i just might. you never know.

but if it happens, you heard it here first. it haywire does make it all the way to the netherlands on his little raft, then i guess i'm full of shit and nothing was lost except your time reading this entry.