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Sunday, December 20, 2009

grades posted

today finished grading the few remaining final essays of the semester.

it struck me while talking to dawn earlier today that i realized why i was so stressed and tired even before i began grading these final papers.

after grading them, i was adding up the previous essays and various other things and getting their grade for the semester for my english class.

i realized that i was playing a part in the future of these kids' lives. my class was a building block to their education. one class of many en route to a degree. a degree that will one day lead toa job to which they will become productive working citizens. perhaps they, too, will teach and the cycle will continue.

i felt good that i can contribute to something that big in their lives, something positive. i wish the english 101 class of mr. garcia luck wherever the students end up in life. you all were a good lot and the experience was memorable for a first-time teacher. i don't think i could have asked for a better group of students. it made my experience positive, which contributed to their experiences, which by many accounts, was a postive one, too.

now, a bit of a rest before i tackle the next bunch of kids.