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Monday, October 27, 2008

friends and autumn

yes, friends and family, it's that time of year. i've been lax in writing about it. i've looked back and discovered i've not said a word about the beautiful season that is nearly past us -- you must discount the comments i mentioned on the north country.

i've watched the leaves make their annual transformation from green, lush on trees to yellows, reds and browns. i've seen them trickle off limbs and float in the air, pinwheeling as they landed on sidewalks or lawns, then gently settle beside their contemporaries, forming a blanket of unparalleded beauty.

i've seen them blow across yards and into streets, as winds stripped tehm off trees with nature's force, filling bundles on lawns. i've seen tree branches bend in the air, bare of cover, naked things belittled by the season. i've seen the tree in front of our home devoid of foliage, waiting for the old man to arrive.

the air is crisp, perhaps tart, even. today rain turned to tiny pellets of hail. on this monday it seems snow might make its nasty presence. a little too early for my tastes. but what can be done.

and throughout seasons they stand by me -- they are friends, of course. they partake of the drink or turn a joke or card with me. they whisper a secret meant only for me. we spread our wings in spring and flew in summer, high and far, not seeing earth below. gay laughter rining true, unbridled mirth like i've rarely experienced. like a longed for for many a year. now the seasons darkens and the wings must be laid to rest, folded and tucked behind us. it's time for windows to be shut and the howl of winds to shake windows. it's a time to grow closer, more so than before. our flights took us far, now we huddle like hens in a barn, together for comfort and safety. we wait until it's done, watching the blanket go from yellow to white and finally green once more.

then we stretch and fly again, throw caution to the wind.
how good it is to have friends.