These are the thoughts of a Texas transplant in West Michigan who makes his living as a newspaper reporter by evening, and a struggling novelist by day.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

an unusual dinner

we had quite an unusual dinner last night.
it was not the company nor the food, just the arrangement.

it was humorous. we ate in a small room that is, to my knowledge a living room, on a table that is used as a desk. a table cover was draped over it though.

however, most interesting was a pair of panties crumpled up on the table prior to our sitting down to eat. we chuckled over it, for the garment didn't belong to our guest, but it was a prop for a story being written. nonetheless, it was funny.

after the food was ready -- and the smell of cooking steaks permeated throughout the house was delicious -- we readied ourselves to eat.

we wound ourselves sitting on a variety of seats. our host sat on an extended ladder, butt propped onthe third rung. dawn sat on a white stool. i sat ona piano bench with its partner located behind me.

our host apologized for the silverware, which didn't match. it was funny because while we had cutting knives, my fork was one of the white plastic variety that bent most times i tried to stab it into the steak.

roving dogs kept a vigilant eye for any sign of crumbs falling off the writing desk. they were giving us el ojo. poor starved pooches, ribs poking out of their matted fur.

probably one of the most interesting place settings for a dinner i've had in some time.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

my left knee

the days are beautiful and my walking has increased a bit more than usual. however, i've run into some problems while walking. they involve my left knee.

on the 18th i was walking to a function i was invited to at margarita's restaurnt. i walked there and in the process took the wrong street. as i was coming up to the correct street, i saw a man in a yard with several dogs. as i approached, another dog started barking and came toward me. he came at me and bared his teeth. i felt them brush up against my left knee. the man yhelled at the dog and so did i. the dog retreated.

the following week i was headed to work. but the street was torn up. so i headed a block up and gingerly made my way off the sidewalk and onto the street. i stepped beyond the long, rectangular orange and white barriers preventing cars from crossing the street. well, i didn't see the supports sticking up off the ground. they look like things on a forklift. one of them slammed into my knees. i felt a jolk of pain that ran down my legs. i stopped for a bit to regain myself.

then sunday dawn and i were headed out on a memorial day assignmen.t. i had placed some of the planters outside. one of them is to one side of the front steps. this planter is a half-barrel type of thing. well, i turned the corner and scraped my left knee on the metal band on the barrel. i bled of course. i went to the cemetery and interviewed someone. i got back in the car and realized my knee was still bleeding. great stuff.