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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

my left knee

the days are beautiful and my walking has increased a bit more than usual. however, i've run into some problems while walking. they involve my left knee.

on the 18th i was walking to a function i was invited to at margarita's restaurnt. i walked there and in the process took the wrong street. as i was coming up to the correct street, i saw a man in a yard with several dogs. as i approached, another dog started barking and came toward me. he came at me and bared his teeth. i felt them brush up against my left knee. the man yhelled at the dog and so did i. the dog retreated.

the following week i was headed to work. but the street was torn up. so i headed a block up and gingerly made my way off the sidewalk and onto the street. i stepped beyond the long, rectangular orange and white barriers preventing cars from crossing the street. well, i didn't see the supports sticking up off the ground. they look like things on a forklift. one of them slammed into my knees. i felt a jolk of pain that ran down my legs. i stopped for a bit to regain myself.

then sunday dawn and i were headed out on a memorial day assignmen.t. i had placed some of the planters outside. one of them is to one side of the front steps. this planter is a half-barrel type of thing. well, i turned the corner and scraped my left knee on the metal band on the barrel. i bled of course. i went to the cemetery and interviewed someone. i got back in the car and realized my knee was still bleeding. great stuff.


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