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Thursday, May 07, 2009

end of an era

i'm sad tonite. and i was unsure if i'd be. but i am. i shouda known.

tonite was the finale of "scrubs." it was an hour long and i savoured it, treasuring every moment, joke, sentimental dialogue.

i'm going to miss j.d. dr. cox, turk, carla, bob, elliott, the janitor, ted and even the todd. they provided me with laughter over the years.

since i am an odd tv watcher, i didn't catch on until i caught a commercial for an episode while at laura p.'s apartment. the commercial for it cracked me up. i made up my mind to watch it from the start. so i began renting the series from the library until i caught up. the last three of so seasons i watched, sometimes not knowing what was up because of previous story lines.

to me, it was one of the best sitcoms ever. there was plenty of humor, but there was always a message behind each show, pretty much.

topday's final message, quite appropriate was move on and face the unknown. you never know until you go.

goodbye gang. it was nice knowing you all. we had great times together.


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