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Saturday, April 25, 2009

after the adoption day came

things or blogs gend to be in clusters when i write about things. sometimes it's about my dad, sometimes it's nonsense and more recently it's about our pending adoption.

the adoption case worker, amy, came over yesterday afternoon, promptly at 4. it was down to business, pretty much. she took a tour of the house, checking out each room, backyard and basements. she made sure we had smoke detectors on each level. she was fine with the house, except we need to get a carbon monoxide detector and lower our hot-water temperature (it's 142 F and needs to be 120 F at most).

amy was quite impressed with our self studies. dawn was afraid we'd not put enough info on them, but amy said they were some of the most thorough she'd seen. that was pleasing because we want to be honest about stuff.

there is still a bit more paperwork to sign. no big deal though. we have to take some online cpr or first aid course. agin, no big deal.

one of the biggest things, though, is we have to finish our bathroom. it needs to be completed before we get signed off on it. i think we'll get everything else done and work on the bathroom. it'll be the final thing amy checks off her list to do.

there is still no timeframe for the adoption. it depends on many factors from our ok to who's available for us. so we'll just have to be patient until that time comes.


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