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Monday, March 02, 2009

sunny and cold

winter's winding down or so it seems. we'vegot about 19 days of official winter left. of course it means nothing since before winter even started we'd had dozens and dozens of inches of snow. so who knows.

i'll say this for this winter. we didn't have the long, long overcast winter days we had last year. from mid-january to mid-february 2008, we had no sunlight. this winter's been different. i've enjoyed the sun.

the only problem is that it's damnably cold. the sun's out and the snow's pretty much gone and yes it loks deary with the vegetation brown and withered. but the sun's out.

however, you step outside and are immediately assaulted by the chill in the air. it's deceptive cold as i call it.

yesterday i had quite a walking excursion and felt the wind tearing at my face as i walked. i didn't wear a scarf because of a turtle neck i wore, and i should have because it was biting.

and the whole shade/sun thing also came into play. i told dawn i could put a lawn chair on the front porch and get some rays saturday noon. but step beyond that into the driveway and the temp. drops and it's quite uncomfortable.

there's a warm up this week and i'm looking forward to it. right now milwaukee is getting pounded by snow (12 inches so far), all lake effect. i really don't want any of that anymore. and i know it's michigan and march, so one never knows. i'm hoping that as march came in like a lamb it goes down gently into that good winter and not end like a lion, as the old saying goes.


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