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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

a treacherous stretch

walking home last night was a bit dangerous.

no, it wasn't an encounter with thugs or a rapid animal. it was the sidewalks that nearly did me in.

for some nearly a week now, there have been slick spots on the sidewalks where a bit of snow or water froze. they are small darkened areas scattered here and there on the route to and from work.

i'd gotten good at making my way around them. until last night.

when i got off work, i noticed that there was a dusting of snow on the ground. it was slowly coming down.

that's the worst when there are slick spots on the sidewalks because they are covered by the dusting of snow. if it'd snowed an inch or two, no biggie.

so last night every dozen yards or so one of my shoes would give way. i couldn't see or tell where there was a slick spot. i had to slide my shoes along to avoid falling. although, once i went down on one knee because i couldn't keep my balance. it was quite a walk home. i ended up walking on the street part of the time to avoid sidewalks.

today i'm switching shoes and there's more snow, so hopefully it'll work in my favor.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you are OK - wish there was a better solution. Maybe you need some cleats, like football players and golfers use?
Also - and for this I blame the gassy dogs -- for some reason I read your blog wrong: 'treacherous stench.' You can blame the dogs, too.

1:26 AM


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