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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

adoption process

tonight dawn and i attended what is the beginning of our adoption process. we're going with bethany. we attended a three-hour session along with a few other couples.

we have the application that starts the process. once it's filled out, that's it. the ball is rolling.

we have to get a license and that could take up to six months. there's stuff like filling out more paperwork, home visits, home evals, fingerprints, recommendations and other stuff.

somewhere in there, we must decide what we want interms of children.

that's the scary part. also the exciting part. i guess it can be both. when the time comes, we're going to have to put down what we want. boy or girl, or both. young child/ren or older. just boys or just girls. black or latino. i think dawn and i will have to sit down and map out what we'd like to have. it's a very important step. and a lifetime step, too.

nonetheless, i'm very excited about starting the process.

as i said to a krista today, right now the house is pretty quiet with dawn and me. what a difference children will make. it will liven up the house and bring a whole new element to our home. a well-needed component. some more love.