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Sunday, November 02, 2008

the process begins

saturday we were up early for the first pride class. there was a morning session and afternoon session.

about 12 or so couples gathered at the macatawa bank basement to hear all about fostering or adopting children. it was mixed. some people were there to learn and take steps toward fostering and other, like us, were there to take steps on starting an adoption process.

i found much of the sessions interesting. there is a lot of preparation on the part of agencies to get you ready for bringing in a child, everything from what to do about discipline to addressing abuse and behavior.

some of it is daunting. but when you think about what some of these kids have been through, you can't blame them. altough, i'm sure first instinct is to place blame on the child, since under normal circumstances with a biological child, you'd rush to take care of the problem, such as them breaking a windown or doing something destructive.

i'm grateful for dawn. she's very familiar with many steps to help children. having dealt with kids who have had problems through teaching, i think she's very prepared to handle many tough cases. i envy here. she'll make a great mom.

me? i'm still trying to catch up. i don't have the experience dawn has so for me it'll be more trial and error. but i learned that it's ok to do that. i guess parently is trial and error anyway.

next week is class number 2.


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