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Monday, September 08, 2008

the eyes of children

i spent all day wearing a white undershirt. i slept in it and it remained on all day. it felt comfortable, so i never changed.

i was outside with my neighbor talking. my mother in law came over, dawn saw me in it, people i know saw me in it. no one said a thing. that's fine.

i'm walking back home this evening, minding my own business. i'm a few houses away and i spot my neighbor kid. he's out front, bored. he says he wants someone to play with him. i had no intention since i had to come in and cook some supper.

i'm pretty much done talking with the kid and he looks at my shirt and says, "you've got holes in your shirt." he says this very matter of factly. i look down and examine my shirt. i was aware of only one hole in my shirt and that was off to one side. but no he saw a few others sprinkled throughout the front. very observant lad.

it's funny because he meant no harm by it. he was simply pointing out what he saw. he's 6.

that's what i like about children. they'll point out a truth about something or someone. they're themost (brutally) honest things. if you want the honest truth ask a kid. he or she will tell you if it's cool or not.

also, if you want an opinion about someone, ask a kid. i'm not saying take his or her word for it, but kids are very astute about things. they've not be corrupted yet, if they're young enough.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is true.....Haley is that kid for us. We always ask for her opinion, becuase she is always VERY honest!!!

Sonia Herrera

3:35 PM


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