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Sunday, September 07, 2008

the garage sale

somewhere in the depths of the internet is another aptly titled blog entry. i saw it being typed, so i know it exists. but that is where it ends in similarly. maybe.

the sun rose early yesterday morning. and even earlier for dawn. it was time to prepare for the coming garage sale. i managed to push myself out of bed and dressed with unenthusiasm. it was chilly and i longed for more sleep. but i knew we had things to do.

evie was already here and she and dawn were doing their thing outside. cars were already driving by even at quarter to eight. the sale was to start at 9.

i placed out all of the items that were heavy and arranged them on the driveway. people started coming. we opened a bit early and they came in droves at the start. one thought came to mind: zombies. i saw these folks walking in, eyes glazed over, and thought they looked like zombies. they milled around and saw, picked up stuff, then walked off it nothing interested them. it was interesting to observe. it would have been funny it it wasn't so earlyl in the morning.

denise and the girls came over and the girls set up stuff in the front lawn. sid made out like crazy. people love kids' stuff.

the day wore on. people came and went, some stuff went and other stuff didn't. i was disappointed that more furniture stuff didn't go. it was cheap. dunno why. the reason i wanted it to go was so that i'd be out of the house. oh well. bibles for mexico here we come.

the girls and i went to thelibrary as the sale ended. they needed a break and so did i. it was enjoyable to hang out with the blondes (as i call them). they're fun, for sid's seriousness to beller's goofy grin and fun laughter.

the day ended and we were exhausted. we slept late in the afternoon. it felt good to rest.

but we had our friends come over late and we sat, talked, drank and ate. it was good times for us. i enjoy sitting around a table doing that with them. i always do.

and so the night ended with a little dex (no it's not a code word, filthy minds) and we were off to sleep.

today is today.


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