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Sunday, August 10, 2008

a respite from the heat

there's a change in the air today. the heat and humidity had been pretty rough this past week. i'd go to work in the mornings and arrive sweaty. not particularly pleasant.

today, though, it feels like fall. well, early fall. the air is cool and fresh and there is no humidity. feels greeeeeat! we did some yard work and it seemed to not affect me at all.

weith this type of weather, it means that fall is on its way. i see the plants and flowers looking less vibrant than they looked a month ago. they're still going, but the flowers are gone from most of the plants. it's a shame that their beauty lasts for a few shorts months before it's done and the harshness of winter. all the better to keep them looking nice.

and so despite what is looming in the next few months -- the prelude to old man winter -- i'm enjoying today.

yesterday was similar. it was fresh, though not as much as today. and i didn't do as much i'd liked.

friday, we went to saugatuck. i'm unsure of the exact name of the place, but i think it's called butler street boys club. dawnie stayed behind and i went to denise and mig and lisa. it was aida's birthday and we met up with her and a friend there. it was a hoot. there was a guy playing piano adn sining and the crowd joined along, drinking, clapping and having a great time.

when i go to saugatuck, i get the feeling of being transported into another place and time far from west michigan. it certainly has a different feel than holland. i like it. the people there look, act and feel different. there's such a devil-may-care attitude that i feel when i'm there. people act like themselves.

the whole fo butler street and other side streets are alive with music and sounds, people walking or stumbling, talking or yelling, laughing. i've never been to bourbon street, but maybe it's a small midwestern version of that. i dunno. i'd like to think it is. either way, i really enjoy it.


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