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Monday, July 28, 2008

six years later

it's been six years for lots of stuff ...

our cat katrina is six years old. she turned six probably a month ago, maybe a little more. she went froma skinny little thing, a little wild, to a chunky kitty that allows you to pet her, pick her up (sometimes) and a big part of the family. she fit right in when i brought her back from outside and showed her to dawn through the door of our apartment in alice. it like she was meant to be our cat. and she has. no problems with her and kit and duffy certainly had no issues with her, except he must of seen her as another pain in the ass cat to deal with. another cat, too.

also, our car is six years old. it turned six in may. it's been around, traveled back and forth from texas tomichigan (and vice-versa) many a time. it's had a few fender benders. in fact on our honeymoon some idiot in san antonio struck the side of it (we never found out who). a little later that year or the next, a foolish woman at a drive thru BACKED UP and hit us. that was stupid. also in robstown this idiot hit us from behind. that was a few years ago. then most recently, there was the deer incident while driving to texas last month. it's taken a toll, but it's a good little car. engine still runs fine. and it gets us where we need to go and has good gas mileage, especially with today's gas prices.

also six years ago, dawn and i were married. yesterday was our anniversary. our marriags has been here and there. what i mean is it spent its first year and some in texas and the rest up here. hard to believe we've spent the bulk of our married life in michigan. time flies. it's been fun, sad, exciting, quiet, loud, personal, tight, loving, together, hand holding, kissy, huggy, chilled out, spontaneous, surprising and many other adjectives and such. we've gone up and down, mostly up, weve stood tall and here we are. we've grown. i'd like to think that in six years i know i'd say one or two percent more about women than i did six years ago. ha ha! i think what i've larned most is to love and care for someone. that's most important. dawn has shown me to care and love not oly for her but for others. that's nice. she's done wonders for my heart, opened it up and taught me to see what i really didn't see before. thanks dawnie.

happy sixth.
love ya


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Conrgats, you guys!

Here's to 60 more.

1:08 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yah, what anonymous said, and then some!

signed, another anonimo

2:52 AM


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