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Monday, August 25, 2008

a drink on me

a drink n me, a drink on you,
a flabby gut, a savvy shoe,
we skipped through meadows,
with none to be found,
we jumped through tangles,
yet none we found.

we scrambled through webs,
we huddled in masses,
yet the pulpit shouted,
"come faithful, come!"

so we gasped with surprise,
we sang in heed, we smiled in need,
we paused, we paused.

the voices sang and sang,
bad and bad, worser and worser
no survive to me, it was shit in the ear,
mostly noise to cmpensate,
blah, blah, blah.

and then chilled we be,
a quiet time,
a bell did sound to ...
ah, no one knows.

wolves, wolves,
sing and sing,
lovely praises, lovely shades,

and numb and number, still.
it seemed fine,
so i stopped, i tad, i had to.
oh, yeah, i did,
beloved being,
but i needed them all,
oh yes i did.

a drink o nme, a drink on me,
raise your cups and holler from the table,
"beware for i do not care!
change your tune, you man!


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