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Friday, September 12, 2008

a whole lotta films

i am exhausted. i was on a high and i peaked and i'm tired now. it was a natural high. still, it felt good.

this afternoon i attended the tulipanes art & film festival awards ceremony. it was the culmination of film watching over the summer. this weekend is the festival. i'm introducing three of the films: "motherland," "bracero stories" and "angel de fuego." they're back to back to back at the knick.

today, too, i had to dress up. i wore my purple shirt, which is my only really cool shirt. ha ha. dawn bought me a tie and i'll jus say it: i looked sharp. tomorrow it will be back to normal. andit's friday, so i can dress casual.

it was a nice ceremony, meeting up with the committee folks again. i got to see kara and hilary, becky and ortencia (she had her baby and looks very diff.).

in a corner playing the harp and guitar were denise and mig. they looked really cool. all that was needed was a mic. it's too bad that that wasn't taken care of. still, they're getting their names out there. they're looking sharper every time we see them.

i met a few people who knew dawn from her early days in the 'hood. it was nice to meet them. many of them have done good in their lives as they've grown up. it's good to see hispanics excelling in something aspect of business.

as an added bonus i saw teresa lamb. she saw me actually. she's a lovely woman. i met her a handful of times when she still lived here, but we hit it off pretty good. we chatted it up for awhile. she even jokingly told someone, "I knew him when he was a kid," (referring to me when she met me about four years ago. she's supposed to perform and i think i'll go check her out saturday.

i also ate the most delish bacon-wrapped shrimp. yummy. i'm not a big shrimp fan but this rocked. one of the guys dawn grew up with in the 'hood did the cooking.

and so i left feeling good, although my left shoe was killing. doesn't it just suck to have bad shoes? oh it kills me! ha

time for bed. i'll call texas tomorrow and see how that baddie hurricane ike is doing. good thing it's not hitting the corpus area directly, though it's a monster storm that stretches close to 550 miles with tropical storm winds. normally it's 300. so it's big.
tomorrow (sept. 12) is sissy's birthday. she's 28. she's getting old. daaaaaamn!

this weekend (at least during tulipanes) it marks the second anniversary of the umbligos (as mig called us all). two years ago, dawn and i met up with mig and denise as two couples for the first time. little did we know then that we'd be bestest of bestest.


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