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Sunday, November 02, 2008

celebrating those who've gone

today is day of thedead (dia de los muertos), a big mexican day of celebration where people remember whose who've died. but we remember them in life and not death.

this year is the first that i've gotten into it. while growing up in south texas we never celebrated it in this way. i've seen the big mexican celebrations on tv or read about them, but that's it. this year, i wrote an article about bread of the dead (pan de muerto) and another article about day of the dead. i talked to people and learned about the celebration. it's made me realize how important it is to remember those who've died. remember what they're all about.

and so yesterday, dawn, d. and mig and i went to molly's for a celebration of day of the dead. her family was there and we had a great time. she had a large altar set up in her home for many relatives who died. it was a lot of fun. people laughed, told stories and enjoyed a fireside of fun.

i'm glad we could share in that celebration. it meant a lot being that my dad's anniversary of his death is coming up friday. it's a mixed bag of feelings. i'm saddened more so now, a year later, but at teh same time, i'm trying to keep steady and remember my dad for the cool guy he was, allthe things he said, what he liked, how silly he was at times and how much i loved him.

it'll be fine.


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