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Thursday, March 05, 2009

circle of life

at the office tonight and over the past few nights there's been a discussion about the best disney movies.

i don't participate much in the conversation since i'm not a big fan of cartoon movies. however, many names popped up, including "the lion king." there's been a commercial on tv announcing the version of the movie on stage. dan said it was better than the movie.

mark chirped in some of his faves and so did melanie. most of the movies i've not seen.

however, that got me to thinking about come cartoons i used to watch as a kid. actually linda is the one who mentioned them. tom and jerry is one of them.

all of a sudden emma grace, who's going to be 3 in a few weeks, began watching tom and jerry. she watched the movie with rena and ricky and is now hooked on the cartoons that come out on boomerang or noggin.

wednesday when linda called, i could hear the familiar sounds and music that accompany the long-playing cartoons. i could picture emma sitting in front of the tube watching the cat chasing the mouse and inevitably not cathing him.

linda thought it weird how now her kid is watching cartoons she watched when he was a kid. so she's says to me, "it's the circle of life, i guess."

some things just come around again and again. whether it be cartoons or movies or music. some of it is golden and won't get old any time soon.

keep watching emma. you'll learn so much.


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