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Friday, April 24, 2009

the big day

we spent this week tearing up the house and gathering stuff, only to throw away a lot of it. we did spring cleaning and the house is all the better for it. it looks more organized.

was spring cleaning the only reason for the clean up? not really. the bigger reason is the adoption case worker comes in, well, in about 16 hours. nervous? i guess so. why be dishonest about it. i know there will be some inspection of the home and pets, maybe, but there'll also be conversation about us. and why not. we're the ones adopting. it's a little scary when someone is delving into your life, marriage or childhood. but it must be done to move forward.

we're confident about it and i am really looking ahead. to be parents is something i never thought about until a few years ago. certainly the excitement was there when dawn got pregnant. since the miscarriage, my wanting to be a dad has never left. i feel it's time in my life to do it.


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