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Monday, May 04, 2009

the wedding video

this weekend i was weeding through our vhs tapes, you know the blank ones that have recorded tv shows from years past.

well, most are of such shows as csi or some old tv mini series. but i ran across our wedding video taped by my nole and maricella back in july 2002.

i thought it'd be cool to check it out, so i popped it into the player. it starts out at the small chapel where we got married. dawn's looking really pretty,with her hat atop her head and nervous smile on her face.

then as i began to watch a little more, i realize that dad's going to be in the video. i thought about it and proceeded. i didn't know how i was going to react to seeing him.

he's not a camera hog, so it took awhile to see him. i got a clear look at him at the reception at the restaurant. it was a nice close up shot of his face. he was smiling at the camera. he looked so healthy and proud and happy. it brought a few tears to my eyes.

it's nice to have that. we have pictures of dad, but we don't have video. i berate myself for not taking any video of him with out digital camera during the last year of his life. we took small videos of rena and caro and we have some of emma. but we never took any of dad. i wish we had. however, i'm glad we've got that of him now. we plan to convert it to a dvd.

a lot of the video is close up shots of the small gathering. so it's not like someone shot it from across the room andall you see are small faces. you can see evie, mom, the kids (they're only 5 and3), nole, maricella, linda looking very young, arnold looking very young, mine looking younger, assorted friends. it was nice to go back to it.

it was nostalic of a time when i'd not lost my innocence.


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