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Sunday, July 12, 2009

My First and Secound Day at Michigan

This is Lorena g., Roels' niece ,doing a blog while visiting my uncle and aunt.
Hello, what had hapend on the 11th of july, was that me, my brother(ricardo), and my grandma(gracie) were flying in from San Antionio, Texas all the way to Chigago. The flight was good. My aunt and uncle were going to pick us up and drive us all the way to Holland, Michigan, well my aunt took a wrong turn and we were heading back to Chigago,lol, at first we were a little upset, but these things happen, and the next minute we were just laughing about it! We finally reached home and rested! The next day, we all got up at about 9:00 and went to church(it was very nice). Then, we went to visit my aunt's mom(it was nice, she has a AMAZING YARD.) Then, we went to see my aunt's sister for a while. Then we went BOWLING! It was so cool. I only hit a 36,lol, I know I'm not that good, but it's a start. Well, I guess I will blog soon. Goodnight, Lorena!