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Thursday, March 09, 2006

idle guys...sorta

so they american idol men's competition wasn't as bad as the girls last night. still, it wasn't their best show yet. i was imporessed by two people last night, at the two best performances. taylor did very well and he sang the best. gideon was right behind him. i'm a fan of the guy. i don't know what it is about him, but he doesn't get on my nerves. i will be disappointed if he gets booted off.

ace is next. or maybe ace is between taylor and gideon. i dunno. either way. i dug it. he had good range. falsetto was nice and he even wore the beanie.

behind them are probably elliot and chris. chris didn't have his best song but he tried. he shouldnt' have sang a ballad, though. it's the final show to showcase the voice and the dude picks a ballad.

bucky might have his raspy voice, as if he'd been smoking and drinking hard the night before the show, but cool enough.

i'm betting on kevin and will getting booted today. if they don't people are crazy. kevin has worn out his welcome. i liked the guy before but lately, eh. will, or peter brady as i call him, i never really cared for.

but, all in all, the show was ah-right. not the guys' best. i hope when the 12 come together it'll get better.

final four prediction: (in no order) ace, chris, mandisa and taylor, maybe catharine mcphee.

if i'm wrong, i'll cut off the first joint of my right pinkie finger.


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