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Sunday, February 26, 2006

the waiting game

tomorrow we find out for sure what's up with my dad's cancer situation. several weeks ago his cancer marker was zero. the tests last week from his doctor were negative and all was well with his lealth. the only thing left is the results of his scan he took last onday. the oncologist will discuss the results tomorrow afternoon.

it could go in several directions, i guess. during the last exam, he still had a tumor in his liver, possible more than one. but now his cancer marker is zero. so are the tumors still there? if so, are they dormant for now? is he out of danger for the time being? if they are dormant and have shrunk, can they be removed so as to not have the cancer recur from those deadly sons of bitches? if they can be removed, when can it happen? i'd think that if the opportunity presented itself, it would be a good idea to cut a piece of his liver out where these tumors are located and put an end to this business of the cancer recurring (at least from those tumors) in his liver.

my mom is nervous. i am nervous. the family is nervous. it's funny, because i'm more nervous right now than i have beenover the past four to five months, when the cancer marker was higher and when we didn't know what was to happen. i guess it's because he's come so far and now it seems to be an end to something bad and the start of something new. it's like something that's too good to be true and when it comes downt o it, you realize it is too good to be true. so hopefully, this isn't too good to be true.

i still think he needs another opinion on this, in case it doesn't quite go the way it's supposed to. it doesn't hurt to ask another doctor about the situation. it can only bring up something missed by the current doctor. we'll see.


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