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Friday, February 24, 2006


it's been awhile since i've written about family affairs. my sister's time to give birth is just about here. she's been havign contractions, albeit small and far between. she's due around march 20, but she thinks it might be earlier the way it's going.

by the time we make our way there, the baby would have been. emma grace is her name. and i would have missed the entire pregnancy and seeing my sister's belly expanded.

it seems like only yesterday that i found out she was pregnant. the months have flown by. and it's still hard to believe that she's getting ready to have a baby.

last weekend she was given a baby shower at my aunt gloria's house. it went off really well and she received lots of nice gifts from family and friends.

emma grace has already positioned herself to enter this world. she's turned around with her head down in position. she used to be all over the place, bumping up against one side or the other of my sister's stomach.

by the end of march, she'll be out and i'll have two nieces and a nephew. that's pretty cool. i still remember when the first two rugrats were babies. now, rena is turning 9 and caro is 7. they grow like crazy.

see ya soon emma grace.


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