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Sunday, February 12, 2006

that place

sometimes i wish i could get to that know the one i'm talking about. it's the place where everything's cool, the sun's shining, the breeze is gentle, the mind clear and you're there with that one person you love.

it could be a beach scene, a walk through city streets during the early morning hours, hiking through the woods or even sitting on your front porch or stoop, watching the world go by, no care in the world.

but it's hard to find that place. you sometimes don't have all the necessary components to make it happen.

i've got the person i love. i could find the location some where around here. but the mind's just not where it's supposed to be, making that place just out of reach right now. and that's a bummer because i'd be nice.

things aren't clicking in mind right now. i'm frustrated with certain people and i think frustration, for me anyway, is probably worse than anger. frustration is being at a loss for words or at a loss to make a point when the person on the other end isn't getting the picture no matter how you paint it.

i feel my writing is suffering a bit right now, and has for several weeks now. this nas nothing to do with... i just feel i'm not in synch with things. it'snot flowing the way it does.

also at home, i can't get my shit together with my own personal writing. man, ideas are there. they're itching to be let loose. but there's a barrier preventing it. discipline? or lack of? maybe. i don't know. i feel like a have a lot to contribute but yet can't contribute shit to anything. that's troubling.

it's almost like failing before even beginning something. but you can't fail until you've tried. yes, i know.

do i need a mantra? perhaps. do i need meditation? yes, i think so. i need something to get me to that place. i need that push or assistance that will help me achieve that plane where nothing around me, anything troubling or intrusive, interferes with my life.

brothers and sisters, it's time for some deep thinking. back to the darker recesses of my mind to clear it up and open some windows to let in the sunlight and the fresh air.


Blogger Leftylog said...

I hope it's not the Focus stuff that's got you down. It will be over soon.

9:14 AM


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