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Monday, February 06, 2006


good, or should i say, great news. my dad's cancer marker is at 0. he needed it to be lower than 2 to consider stopping chemo treatments.

he had an appointment this morning to get blood results as well as results from a spinal exam he'd taken. they'd found some spots and he said that if the spots turned out to be cancer, then that was it. if it spread to a second part of his body, he was prepared to concede, seeing no way to stop it.

instead, he got the opposite. he was ready for the bad news. he didn't sound very happy last night when i talked to him. today he was relieved. i think that's the best way to describe the way he sounded.

when my sister called me with thenews and said "the cancer marker is at zero." my response was quite evident. i said rather loudly (with dawn sitting across from me at the computer, "fan-fucking-tastic." that's the only word that popped into my head. for me, that was quite appropriate.

so the doc gave him a clean bill of health. no chemo for the next three weeks or so. he will take a pet scan on feb. 20, sans chemo chemicals throughout his body, to get a view of his torso and see what it looks like. but the doc is quite optimistic right now, especially since the marker is at zero.

i understand that he's not cancer-free or anything. he still has the crap inside of him. but a remission is good. we'll take it. we'll take what we can right now. that's time. it's ever so crucial now. and if this zero cancer marker gives us more time, hey, that's sweet.


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