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Saturday, February 11, 2006

topsy turvy

it's been one hell of a week, a freaking roller-coaster ride if there ever was one. lots of highs and lows. not exactly what i really like.

the week started off fine with great news from texas and my dad's cancer marker at zero that was teh bestest, bestest news (oops what was that!). the late night excursion of questions and answers. then flying widely around before stopping.

i am overwhelmed by things this week. i hate the feeling. it happens seldom in my life. usually i have an order to things and i keep to it, whether at work or play. but this week that order has been disrupted and i am hoping to get some control over it. i can't seem to catch up right now, at work that is. i've got this one story looming over me and i need to shake the damn thing. it's due monday. i must center all my attention on finishing the thing. spitting or retching it out of me. whatever it takes. whatever is most violent that will expel it.

there is still another one of these monstrosities to come and i have two weeks to write that one. then it will be over. what a waste of letters, words, sentences and punctuation. oh well.

tonight i am left drained. my mind is a floating gelatenous glob of thoughts and memories. i'll need the weekend to reboot my brain, as things happened in "cell." however, i don't anticipate i'll be turning into some meat-craving zombie. but you know what? that wouldn't be such a bad thing some times.

eh, as a former friend used to say. she'd shrug her shoulders when she'd say that. so i do the same. "eeeeh."

i'll check my system for viruses tonight while i sleep. let's see if anything is found so i can delete them.


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