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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

idle chicks

i don't usually write about this stuff but i will today. last night was the final episode ow the women's competition on american idol before they get joioned up with the men for next week's competition's final 12. so there was much at stake, since two of the women will be booted on tomorrow's show (along with two men).

having said that, i'm quite disappointed by the women's performances overall. there are probably three strong women left in the roup of eight and that's it. the three are consistently good and have the potential to make it to the final six at least.

the remaining ones lack what i think is talent. sure they have great voices, but suck at choosing good songs or simply stand there crooning away. very bland performances.

here are the three that are very good. mandisa is the best of the women. she's leagues above the rest. so much for american idiot cowell commenting they'd need a bigger stage for her. perhaps, though, he was right. she's big in talent and a beautiful performer. next is catharine mcphee. she's got a really nice voice and good personality. then there's kellie pickler. i know, i know. she's a hick to the core. she's a little slow on the uptake. but you know, she's got a great voice and she's a country girl with simple tastes and attitude. in other words, she's not a fake like others. she is who she is. i like that about that girl.

and that's where my list stops. although, unlike cowell, i really liked her heart song. it was rough and loud but good. i don't like the way cowell says that last note packed your bags. to me, it's like he's trying to sway (no pun intended) the vote. let people decide without your stupid comments.

i have tired of all the right, even little paris. she was cute at one time, especially during the auditions. she came across as sweet. but i don't see her that way anymore. and yesterday's performce of "conga" or whatever the song is called by gloria estefan was bad. i didn't like it at all. no more bullshit from the judges. paris must go.

eila? to fucking methodical. she chick's like a freaking robot, studying and learning the technical aspects of the songs and how to sing it. that ain't natural. you have to go out there and sing it without that studying bullshit. i know you have to practice to get the voice right, but eila seems to work to get the singing down in a way that reminds me of a robot trying to adapt to the situation. sucks.

so while i can easily picks six guys who can make it through, only three girls stand out. it ought to be the final nine. it would cut the season by a fourth. i'd like that. although i think advertisers would suffer like crazy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ick, I don't think Kellie Pickler is that impressive... She sounds like any other country star and her innocence routine is getting old... Dumb country girl has been done

6:51 PM


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