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Friday, March 03, 2006

head down, feet up

my sister went for an appointment with her obtatrician this week and the news is good. the baby has her head way down in the womb right up against the cervix. though, the cervix isn't open at all. so emma grace is all ready to go when the birthing process kicks into place.

her due date is march 20. we'll see if she makes it up to then. my sister jokes that the baby's ready to go but that the mother's not necessarily ready. i suppose in the end it doesn't really matter. it'll happen, when it happens.

it's pretty exciting. it was then when my niece and hephew were born. but it's differnet because it's happening to my sister -- blood and kin to me. but i'll have two nieces and a nephew after she's born and that'll be cool beans.


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