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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

are things bigger in texas?

i've had this conversation with a friend from work before.

apparently michigan, or any other place in the country, doesn't sell the 3-liter bottle of pop. it surprprised me when i went to meijer and saw there were no bottles matching the same description as those found in texas.

i think almost any kind of drink comes in a 3-liter plastic bottle in texas. to me, it was something i grew up with. it was something that became popular in the 1990s some time.

there are aisles at HEB or walmart full of these behemoth bottles, all lined up and looking pretty for the shoppers, from the reds of Coke to the green of Sprite.

so i movd up here and i think i started talking about gettinga 3-liter (that phrase has since left my vocabulary). after a trip or two to the store, i noticed there weren't any such bottles. i asked dawn and she said they didn't sell any up here...or anywhere else in the country, as far as she knew.

she said the 3-liter bottles weren't found on the east coast and she was equally surprised to see them in texas when she first went there in the mid-1980s.

to tell the truth, i think it's so much easier to buy a 2-liter bottle of pop, which is the standard up here. you can refrigerate a 2-liter bottle and finish it over the course of a couple of days and it probably won't go flat. a 3-liter, meanwhile, if not drained in the proper time, will go flat. so what's the point of having such a large amount of pop iin a container if it might go flat?

i guess things are bigger in texas.

the next time we go down, i'll either take a picture of me in front of rows of 3-liters or bring one back up north.