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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


now i wonder who came up with that name for the burger franchise? i love it. in my opinion, they are what a burgers. yummy, greasy burgers.

living up in michigan now for these two-and-a-half years, it's a treat to pop back into texas when we visit and pull into a whataburger. there's nothing like seeing the big red and orange W up front and making your way inside and smelling the only smell that can't be anything else but the inside of a whataburger.

my first memories of the burger joint are even before micky d's. in fact, i don't realy recall eating in a mickey d's until i was a teenager. whataburger was the place to go as a kid, though. my folks would always take us there when we were in alice. i just recently found out that the one in alice is number 5. yep, it was old when we were there are kids. back then it had the huge W up front, rising more than 20 feet and sorta shaping the front of the place.

you walk in and can order any damnable burger. a whataburger regular, a double meat with chese and bacon whataburger, a whataburger jr., a whata-chicken, whata-fries. and if you want to make the fries and drink bigger, you ask for a whata-size or ask them to whata-size the deal for you.

i liked ordering the double meat, cheese and bacon, with lettuce, onions (chopped not sliced as a friend put it recently), pickles and mustard. or course, i can't finish it all. so you pack it up and take it home. put it in the fridge. then eat it cold later. yummy.

or you order an iced tea. it's sweet tea, or course. you can sip at it or drink it down. it's free refills, too. not a bad deal.

recently a friend who has been to whataburgers in ariz. and i started talking about them. he looked up the nearest one to mich. it turns out it's in okla. he mapquested the trip. it would take about 14 hours to get there. it'd be a crazy road trip. all in the name of a whataburger.

i still go into trembling fits of discomfort when i talk of those delicious burgers. right now, i can barely contain myself. i am about to fall of the chair. i feel i will dream i am sitting a whataburger, hot french fries, nicely salted on my left, a large plastic cup of sweetened iced tea on my right. and right in the middle is a large whataburger waiting for me to devour it.

but it is only a dream, nothing more. i will wake up chewing on the pillow case or blanket with a disappointed look on my face.


Anonymous Sonia H said...


I have to admit, Whataburger is not my favorite....BUT, that sure does sound good right now. I have fond memories of our trips to the Whataburger in Alice.....the one that comes to mind right now is the time I went into this freakishly weird laugh....almost hyperventilating…… must remember!!!

I think i will go to Whataburger at lunchtime and enjoy a fresh burger in your honor!!! Have a great day!!!

8:40 AM


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