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Thursday, May 11, 2006

shut down

so my weather story was off by a few days, oh well. meteorology isn't an exact science, isn't it?

when i wrote my story, the guy said by tuesday afternoon it was gonna drop and rain tuesday night. instead, it was rather hot (holland had the highest temp. in the state) and no rain. then wednesday the same thing. it wasn't until last night that it started raining.

and it rained and rained. in fact, it is sort of still raining. and it's freaking cold and windy like a sonofabitch.

dawn called this morning and said the kinderparade was postponed due to the weather. that's the only parade that is postponable. tulip time made it through the volksparade without incident yesterday. and that's fine, since if it had rained, too bad so sad.

now the kinderparade is rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon. and if it's still bad tomorrow,then too bad so sad again.

this is the first time in years that a parade has been cancelled due to weather. i asked tamra bouman that question monday and she didn't know the last time one had to be postponed. i wonder if a parade has ever not taken place due to the weather? could be a first tomorrow.

it might be a bad end to tulip time this year if this type of weather persists through the weekend, which is supposed to be the case. what is the muziekparade is shut down? holy shit, that would be a hoot. sucks for the tt people though.

winds are bad outside. i keep hearing thins moving around. it's as if we're in a mini hurricane. i keep waiting for the big tree out front to keel over into the porch. bad thoughts. the tulips? what state arethey in? poor babies were already failing. these winds should be knocking their pretty little heads around.

strange comment from soneone at work yesterday. said he was glad to see my hair growing back. odd. i had reservations after cutting it short and still do. but i like where it's at now. i guess i won't go bald? nah. as it is, the cool weather makes my head cold with the little hair i do have now.


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