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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

happy birthday to me

it was my birthday monday. 35. not too shabby, eh?

the day passed without much going on. it was quiet through the day. i got up and started cooking breakfast. my mother in law was the first one to call. she later came by with a nice card. my parents called shortly after. after lunch i got a call from my sister and my aunt who was with her. another aunt left me a voice mail. later in the evening my brother and then still later his wife maricella called me. oh , and i ralso received a nice card from my parents.

but it was without much fanfare. that's fine. i'm pretty low-key about stuff like that.

krista v. felt horrible for forgetting my birthday. it was funny because she remembered it a week and a half ago. becky saw a note olivia left for me, saying happy birthday, and asked if it was today, she shought it might be on the 25th. that's when krista over heard.

and the evening was on its way to being uneventful. then i hear the call on the scanner that ruined it. a call for a scar/pedestrian in holland. i listened and it was priority one, so i headed out. what an interesting way to wind up my birthday at work.

dawn drove me around and i walked to the scene on 16th street. some guy darted out into traffic behind a car and was struck by another car in the next lane. he was crticial. dunno if he'll die or not, he might. but at least he didn't die at the scene.

not to end on that morbid note, i got some money from my parents and from my mother in law. i could go out next weekend and get me some snazzy new briefs or undershirts. or i could get me some dvd or cd. maybe a beatles book or some trivia book. yeah, that's the ticket.

appropriate song: "today is my birthday...actually it's yesterday was my birthday."


Blogger Leftylog said...

See how much I know?

Happy birthday.

11:11 AM

Anonymous Brooke said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I had no idea!

7:44 PM


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