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Saturday, April 15, 2006

did i say brewsky?

friday night while at work i took out a dollar bill and went over to jim h. to let him know i was headed downstairs to get a drink. i usually make some joke "like i'm going downstairs for a drink." but friday i ended up saying, "i'm going to go get a brewsky."

it took jim. h. by surprise and he laughed, saying that he'd not heard that reference to "beer" since high school. i, too, have not heard or used thatword sinc then. but i used it for the first time friday night.

i walked away down the hall and down the stairs to get the pop. and i began thinking why i would use the word.

the only reason i can attribute is that i've been thinking of my classmates from high school lately and have been in touch with one of them both through e-mail and messaging. she's back in texas and i met up with her at my niece's folklorico dance practice.

issabelle and i caught up on life and what's up with our work, kids, wife/husband and so forth. she let me know wht was up with other classmates and when i returned home she e-mailed me some e-mail addresses for some of them. i have been in touch with one of them already.

the other night issabelle e-mailed me pictures of some mini reunions some of them have had at restaurants back home in san diego or alice.

i looked at the pictures and i recognized many of them. some of them it took me a little longer to recognize. most have changed. some have certain features that still stand out, like bel's smile, or homero's eyes or sonia's facial structure and hair.

issabelle asked me to let her know the next time dawn and i are back in texas so that maybe she could set up a get together with some classmates. i think that would be neat.

so i guess my interest in renewing ties with classmates has caused me to use antiquated words like brewsky. what's next? going for a beer run and parking somewhere in rural allegan co. and drinking it down while it's still cold.

who knows.

'life is a circle and eventually we all return to our past to create a new future..."


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