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Saturday, March 25, 2006

meow, meow, meow

that translates from cat talk to human speak as "we don't want to go to the vet today."

yes, it was time for the cats to get their annual shots. we'd fallen behind and decided to bring them in, both at the same time, too. it saves on time,but it's tough.

the cats seem to know what's up, too. dawn went to the basement and moved up both cat carriers to the front basement room, kinda getting ready for the trip. i found kit and started petting him, as i picked him up. but he was not his usual purring self. he knew something was up. he was probably thinking 'his guy doesn't usually pick me up like this. what's up?'

i handed him over to dawn and went down to grab the carrier. he saw it and tensed immediately. so, ard as a rock, he went in and we locked it.

then katrina. she was easier. dawn grabbed the carrier and i scooped her up from under the kitchen table. she, too, stiffened and was reluctant to get in the carrier. however, in she went.

then the ride over to the vet. it was a meow song, a duet from kit and katrina all the way there. luckily it's only over on washington avenue. and it was continual meowing in the waiting room. for awhile there with both meowing just a split second from each other, it sounded like the sound effect of the little girl in poltergeist when she was stuck inside the tv. it kinda creeped me out for a second.

inside, once katrina was let out, she hunched on the scale and remained there, curiously looking around. that settled kit down. she got a nice "oh a torby tabby" from the vet. apparently my katrina is a rare breed of tabby, not seen in regular populatins in the feline world. how lucky are we to have this pest living with us?

her vitals were good. except that my cat is a tad overweight. maybe by as much as a pound and a half. she weighs 12 pounds now.

kit came out, less reluctant than katrina. he had his body checked and the vet foun a possible, probable heart murmur. it's nothing to be alarmed about, but still it's there. also, he has a miniscule bump near his ears. it's not on the surface of the skin, but it's there. the vet said to check it out, monitor it and see what we want to do.

overall, not bad, good service with the vet. she was very nice, talkative with the cats and handled them very well.

now, several hours after the visit, they're still hunched over, being very cautious who they're coming close to. katrina saw dawn putting on her coat and she scampered away, fearing another tortured trip in the cat carrier. kit is just being elusive this afternoon.

but, now they're up to date with shots and they can relax and be about their finicky cat feline ways.


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