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Friday, March 17, 2006

simple technology

last night i went toa township meeting and later came back with a story on the township's plan to revamp their board room with new technology (i.e. audio, video, sound and lighting).

they've had th same simple 1980s high school style projector (flat with a light under the galss to reflect the document onto a white, pull-down shade thing. they have no microphone for the board members or for audience participation, no sound system or anything. it's surprising since the township is one of the fastest growing in the area. for the past 30 years, they've managed to do their job without any fancy equipment.

this past week, i, too, have had my run-in with technology. however, mine was in the opposite direction, to a more simplistic and entertaining form.

i renewed my interest in the joystick atari game thing i bought during christmas time. it has pac man and a few other games.

then i inquired about other games and dawn told me we had centipede and others on the computer. i checked, found them, and have been playing them since. it's a good relaxing tool for me, despite cursing when i get my man killed by that wretched worm or menacing spider.

i've tried my hand at super breakout and pong, both of which require the peripheral vision i have more of. it's still a challenge to play them. i don't score big points but i still get a thrill if i score 20 points in either game. centipede is my favorite of these games, though. i love shooting the hell out of the worm as it's coming for me. this, too, is fun and relaxing for me.

my favorite game of all of these old ones is galaga. we had a joystick component game but it broke. so we ordered another one and should be coming in soon. that one has ms. pac man, which is better for me visually.

i love these old games, now 25 years of old technology. the graphics are simple, the colors aren't exact and images too sharp. the sound contains the same variation from game to game. but i find these games so much more appealing than the fancy ones that are out these days. perhaps it's my eye sight. there's to much going on in the new games. the graphics are too realistic. but these old ones do the trick.