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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

yo, stevie's in tha house

stevie wonder was the first songwrite's songs to be heard on idol tuesday night. i don't know why the show chose him, since the judges are always ragging on people who try and sing a wonder song. nonetheless, it was his stuff for the first round of the fial 12.

simon put it best when he said there were two different shows, the first half and the second half. still, plenty of so-so performances.

here are my faves in the order that i liked them: taylor, chris, mandisa, catharine.

there were others but those stood out to me, especially the top three. the only reason i put taylor ahead of chris is because chris didn't fully make the song "higher ground" completely his own. he admited the chili peppers recorfed the song and he was going to combine both. he did an excellent job, but the peppers laid the ground work for the song.

there were a few bad performances also on the show. there were at least three i wasn't fond of, two of which were disappointing. the worst of the night was kevin, that dweed. he had no business performing "part-time lover." what does that fool know about the song? he moves stank. he appears like he's copping an attitude now that he's on tv. pleaase, american is doing him an injustice by keeping him on. vote the bastard off. he's the only one i reason think should go off first.

i was disappointed by kellie's performance. it was so bland. it needed salt and papper. it put me to sleep. too bad. ace? his, too. not a big deal and bored me. i was really disappointed with both of their performances. i put them in the bottom because i expected more from them. i even thought melissa did better. (she's my dark horse. but she could be off today.)


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