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Thursday, April 13, 2006

a return to the doctor

dad had blood work done last week and a CT scan monday. he went back to the oncologist yesterday for an appointment.

the news was optimistic, at least a little anyway. his cancer marker is at 1, which is lower than it was the last time he had blood taken, which was right when he stopped the chemo. however, the scan showed he still has a tumor or mass in his liver. the way i understood it, other tumors have dissipated.

he's going for a pet scan next week, which will present a more clear view of
his liver and torso area. based on that, the doctor said he is considering going in
with a needle and burning the tumor, then do some chemo again to see if it stamps it out.

again, ridding him of this will not mean he's out of the woods, since he was diagnosed at stage 4, but if it works, it could mean prolonging life. that's fine.

both my mother and father seemed upbeat yesterday when i spoke with them. it was good to hear them that way. i got scared because i called and left a message on the machine. no one returned my call. i had to call back some time during the evening to find out what happened. i was expecting bad news.

so let's see where this path takes the garcia family now that there is a possibility of burning the wretched tumor.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's great news, Tex.

1:33 AM

Blogger issabelle said...

My prayers are with your parents, Roel. That is great to hear that they are in high spirits..

1:42 PM


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