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Saturday, April 29, 2006

immigration woes

there's so much going on right now around the country concerning immigration. should migrants be given temporary worker visas to come and work for periods of time in the U.S., should they be considered illegal. should they be granted citizenship after so many years.

it's getting crazy out there. scary crazy. and to the point where people who are legal are having a hard time dealing with the situation by not wanting to leave their homes for fear of being stopped, asked for papers, and then put ina white van to be taken back to the motherland.

one of my mother-in-law's friends is scared to leave his house, despite having papers. the man is legal.

becky from work said that a certain care center in town is empty because many people who are either legal, but scared, or illegal, are afraid to go there for fear of beign questioned by authorities.

in addition becky said some people she knows have been stopped at places around town and asked if they are legal or if they have papers. many of them are scared. she said the men are in vans.

becky's friends are hispanic.

are these people targeting people who look indigenous or nonwhite? if that's the case, they need to, then, stop all people who look ethnic in some way or's only fair, right?

hispanics, asians, anyone speaking with a german, french or middle eastern accent. anyone could be here illegally. hell, stop anyone who ends a sentence with 'eh." they might be an illegal canadian who strayed across the border.

but i tell you what (as that great american hank hill says), the men in white vans will have to question a shitload of people all across the country to be sure they've checked out every "suspicious-looking" person's papers. good luck, fellas.

i think it's so unfair to target a person because of his or her skin color, facial makeup, surname or overall appearance.

things have really escalated. no one should have to fear for themselves, especially if they have papers saying they're legal.

this morning i read an article that said this construction company in the miami area had only smoe of its crews show up for work since many of the people hired are illegal or with visas and were afraid to go to work. the company had to stop work because it didn't have the manpower to complete its schedule.

rallies are being held around the country. one will be held here monday. people are pretty freaked over this issue. i think many are scared. but a lot of people are pissed off at the government for what's going on, too.

"viva el gallo de tres colores."


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