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Saturday, May 13, 2006

son tiempos peligrosos para los mexicanos

it's late and i just read this AP story that annoyed and angered me to no end. the article concerned our ass of a president wanting to shore up our "southern" border (ie Mexico) to make sure our borders are safe against terrorists.

ok, anyone who didn't know my politics willknow them now after this blog entry.

what's the deal now with immigration, keeping borders safe, terrorists out and making sure our migrant population (ie mexicans)? since when do those things really go together? i can understand doing an overhaul on the country's immigration laws. i'lll give the government that.

however, it's gone beyond that now. it's now a matter of f*cking over the migrants, who are mostly hispanic. we don't want them here, oh no. they're bad people who come to our country and corrupt. what bullshit. most migrants just want to earn money for their families.

then, on top of that, now bush wants to send troops to secure our southern border. taht's a joke, right? through most of that southern border, what is parts of texas, new mexico, arizona, and california, it's a big desert with miles and miles of nothing. many illegals who try coming through there die on their way or get caught because of heat exhaustion or dehydration. what terrorist is going through all of that shit?

the way i see it, canada is the way to go. with lots of empty land around montana and north dakota and the water of the great lakes, it's easy for a terrorist to come through anywhere on our northern border.

i guess what angers me most it that the consideration to place national guard troops at the border excludes the canadian border. all of the talk is for security on our southern border. i really don't understand what the urgency is on that border, unless they know something we don't.

if the government is going to place troops, which i think is a stupid idea, on the bordes, it must be done uniformly on both borders. fair's fair, after all. don't make this a race issue, because that's what it seems is happening. the mexicans are being exploited in all of this mess. i think it's bullshit.

i heard something that all of this immigration business came up as a result of the government trying to deflect how bad the situation in iraq, iran and other areas around the globe are and shifting to a hot topic like poor mexicans trying to earn a decent living by doing hard labor.

it's also bullshit how this immigration (mexican) issue is being lumped in with terrorists all of a sudden. why didnt' we keep our borders safe back afte 9/11 when it was really bad, when we didn't know if something else was coming or who was responsible for the world trade center bombings? no there was no serious talk about it then as there is now, now that the issue of immigration is also on the table.

if you ask me, bush's 31 percent approval rating is driving some of this stuff. hey, man, you're losing the vote that got you in. what a shame that innocent migrants have to be caught up in the middle of this mess.

"viva los mexicanos! adelante, fuerte, y con esperanza."


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