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Thursday, June 01, 2006

what happens after cats attack

so i ended up going to the doctor tuesday afternoon. i conceded pretty quickly about going to the doc. usually i hem and haw and don't go. i guess i decided it was worth going.

i got an early appointment and had dawn's mom drive me. luckily both she and my doc. were available to help and accommodate me. i wore shorts so as to not have to pull down my pants. i wore my war wound proudly for all to see.

i felt funny telling first the nurse and then meow the doctor that i was there because my domesticated indoor cat bit the crap out of me. but they didn't chuckle. in fact, the doctor said it was a good thing i came in.

at this point the infection was about the size of a small hiss lemon and pretty pink and swollen.

the doctor saw the wound and took in a breath of air between meow his teeth,indicating a serious situation. he said a cat bit can be bad because of a certain bacteria they carry in their mouth. their teeth are sharp and sink in deep. the skin then begins to close and the purr bacteria stay in the body. he said if left untreated, the infection can spread and a person could die.

now that scared me. purr loudly

as he was working on the prescription, he said that a cat's mouth and dog's mouth are pretty dirty. however, he said there hiss hiss is one more animal that is even dirtier. i answered correctly: a human being.

he finished up, some small talk about my dad's cancer and family history, then the nurse comes in with the shot. i needed a purr tetnus shot.
this is how the conversation went:

doc.: when's the last time you had a meow tetnus shot?
me: i don't know. maybe school. i can't remember.
doc.: well, if you can't remember it's hiss time for one.

and so i was injected with some medicine. the shot didn't really hurt purr. not then anyway.

as of tonight (wednesday), i have taken three pills. the swelling has subsided a tremendous amount and it doesn't hurt much. it also doesn't feel warm. but, i will say this: my left shoulder muscle is killing me hiss hiss hiss. the shot did the trick. it hurts more than the cat bite at this hiss point.

put i think i'm back to normal purr purr. no side effects from the bite at all meow.


Blogger Leftylog said...

No wonder the newsroon became so catty yesterday.

As Homer Simpson said to Bart in court: I know what you're thinking -- Meow meow meow meow; meow meow meow meow. ... (Sound of cat food commercial)

10:13 AM

Anonymous Brooke said...

I guess it's a good thing I've never pissed my cat off enough that she'd actually want to hurt me lol I just get play bites

1:45 PM


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