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Monday, June 12, 2006

M.D. Anderson

my dad got the call this morning.they're ready for him in houston. he, my mom, aunt and uncle will make the five-hour trip up there some time tomorrow afternoon. the appointment is at 7 a.m. wednesday, tests all day, then on friday the doctor will see him with results and the possibility of an operation if that's the way it'll work out.

it's happened very quickly. i hope they are prepared. today my mom has had to go all over the place gathering all records, paperwork, exams, x-ray results and scan results all the way back to when it was diagnosed and even before at the doc's office in kingsville when it was first thought he might have something going on.

i was surrpised by the news when i talked to dad this morning. he said they called up and bombarded him with info. he wished my om had been around. he's not good with too much info. i think he panicks or something. still, he got the time, date and what they weant to do to him down. so that's enough for now.

here's wishing for something good to come out of this trip.