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Friday, June 16, 2006

dad update

i god word from the sis a few hours ago. she had word on my dad.
and the news is positive so far.

my parents are returning today from houston only to have to go back monday. (my niece is being baptized this weekend.)

the doctors at m.d. anderson said there is a big possibility thathemay be able to get operated. they found two spots in an area of his liver, i'm guessing where it was the worst for him. they think they can go in there and remove that chunk of his liver where these two spots (tumors) are located.

he wil return monday for tests. then on tuesday he is to meet with an anesthesiologist for a possible operation wednesday. it will be determined monday-tuesday if they can operate.

the good thing is his heart is strong, so there is no problem there.

if they operate, he will have to stay in houston for 10 days, five to recuperate and five more to keep tabs on him.

also, the doctors told him to get of the chemo and the pills that were his colon. (didn't get details why, but i'm guessing the chemo wasn't working anyway.).

if all that continues to go on par, then in august he will have a major operation to remove most of his liver. he will then take medication to start regenerating the liver again.

so it is positive news. i guess it all depends on what happens early this coming week. i told a friend at work taht it's like a maze, where you keep going down the different pathways, hoping to either get to the middle or out of it. sometimes you readch a dead-end with no where else to go and you lose, in other cases you have choices and you keep going.

weith that simple-minded analogy, i guess my dad came to a crossroad and it's time to switch direction. hopefully that will continue until he can find that golden ticket, as charlie did.

here's wishing and hoping...


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