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Saturday, June 24, 2006

snap goes the rubber band

yes, that's a rubber band i'm wearing around my right wrist, if anyone is curious to know. and no i've not forgotten it's there. there's a reason for it being there.

lately, thoughts of work and work life seem to be creeping into my personal life. sometimes the thoughts are verbalized and sometimes it's just ruminations. it's like the broken record, continually skipping and going nowhere. it really bugs me and dawn.

tthis morning the same thing started to happen. i was getting pissed off. it's the freakign weekend, for god's sake. this is MY time away from the office, interviews, articles, centerpieces, meetings, proofing. we'll have none of that at home, please.

so i start harping on something and i'm not really upset or anything, just rattling off stuff. dawn says she has the perfect solution. i didn't know what she was talking about.

she comes into the kitchen and places a rubber band around my right wrist. it came back to me, then. she'd done this before.

dawn read somewhere that the brain begins obsessing about things. it's a constant thought or charge being stimulated. you keep thinking about it. you need some kind of interruption to stop that thought or charge from continuing. so you place a rubber band around a wrist. when you catch yourself obsessing over something, you pull it and snap it. the sting it produces when it strikes your skin interrupts the obsessive thought because another charge is being produced.

and so i've got this rubber band around my right wrist now. it will stay until i stop thinking of all of these stupids, these thoughts that do no good for me and create an unhealthy thought process. in other words, fuck off obsessive thoughts. there is no room for you here. go bug someone else.


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