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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

migrant school lessons

for the third year in a row, i headed out to the migrant summer school. for a change this year i went into the middle school classroom instead of into steph's room and with the same kids she's had and i've known for the past two years.

i helped the students with an assignment on typhoid mary. one group had to make a summary of the story and the other was writing what amounted to an article.

it was was a different group, though in a short presentation the past summer, i did go into their classroom. so i knew a few and they knew me.

they asked me lots of good questions about me and the job or writing. it was really interesting. and i met some good kids today. they are so smart and try hard to impress.

i'm supposed to go back monday and work in two classrooms, steph's and in the one i was in today.

it really made my day. felt good.


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