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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

excuse me, i'm talking here

one of the biggest pet peeves i have involves people butting in while i'm having a conversation with someone else. (don't get any bright ideas friends. i take it pretty seriously.).

over thepast few weeks, i've noticed it's happened three times. at least three times. it's rather noticeable.

i'm talking. it'a an a, b conversation, words are being exchanged between me and the other person. we're having fun, talking, exchanging ideas.

then someone comes along and says, rather rudely, "i hate to interrupt, but..." or simply the person just comes right in and interrupts. wow! what gall. people need to take lessons on etiquette.

when i happened tonight, i wanted to scream. maybe run over to this person and... well, i don't know what i wouldn't done. nothing probably. still, people have very little manners. i don't walk up to someone and intrude into the conversation or take over. seldom do i interrupt. when i do, it's important. i say, excuse me, i need to ask you a question."

in the recent past, it's happened with other people butting in. not good.

i lamented about this to a friend, who agreed that it is rude to interrupt. she said that there could be a reason for some of the intrusion. i'm a low talker. people don't know i'm talking.

yet, if they see her turned around and looking at me, her mouth is moving or mine is, it probalby means we're talking to each other. we're having a conversation. respect that.

respect when i or anyone else is talking, people. please.

i know there is a sense of importance when people talk. sme think or feel the need to butt in because what they have to say is more important than what i'm saying. how could i have anything of importanc to say? well, i do.

ok, the rant is done.

will it do any good? probably not. but it felt good to get it off my chest. whew!


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